The reasons of brain drain in some European countries can be multiple and there will always be a dispute on the real necessity of moving abroad on scientific and technical point of view. I pretty much know the Italian reality and I do not want to go into the details of many issues because it could just create useless discussions. I just want to report here a graph on my personal career showing four parameters which I think should be considered when you decide what to do with your life and your career: the salary (yes it is important!), the budget available for your research, the independence in managing your budget and your activity and the budget managed through funded projects. I didn´t know how to report the results which are of course important too, but they are in some way proportional to the independence. The graph is really personal, but I guess it reflects the reasons why many Italian researchers wish to move abroad and why Italy is not appealing for foreign scientists (unless for a short “visiting vacation”). All the indexes tell me that I´m back to 10 years ago.

… After a long discussion in large group of scientists, I updated the graph as it is below, but the result does not change …


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