Still collecting suggestions for young researchers, re-thinking to the “obstacles” I have found in my career. It follows from part 1

6) Get your independence.

Independence is important already from the beginning of your career. Step by step you should understand how and where moving, create your network, deepen topics that you believe being hot. Start writing small proposals, join established networks, propose and suggest anything you think could be interesting.

7) Advertise yourself

Advertisement is fundamental today since everything is evaluated by metrics. Advertisement looks like something far away from research but it is the only way for showing to your (or other) community(ies) that you are alive, you produce and you are able to bring benefits to anyone working with you, thus you become attractive. Submit as many abstracts as you can to important conferences or workshops, request oral presentation(s), always write your name and email in your posters and oral presentations, always write references to your papers or projects. Use social media for advertising your papers and your latest results (especially twitter and and researchgate), and for advertising yourself (Linkedin). Propose yourself for any kind of activity involving networks and dissemination.

8) Find your spot

You must characterize yourself, you must give a clear shape to your expertise. Being a good researcher in a generic field is not enough, there are many good researchers and the competition is very high. If you are atmospheric physicist other millions of people are doing the same, but if you deepen your studies and you get expertise on interaction between pollen and ice (it is just an example!) you will probably be one of few scientists working on it and you will become a reference.

More suggestions will come soon!

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