LAGO Project - Lago Trasimeno


LAGO Project - Trasimeno Lake monitoring

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This project was realized when Consorzio CRESCI financed a tow-year fellowship with EU funds. A very special thank to the Remote Sensing team of DIEI (Perugia University), Prof. Basili that tutored and supported this job and Ing. Bonafoni that supported the job.
From 2008 to 2010, with the kind collaboration of Dr. Lucia Sepicacchi (Provincia di Perugia), the LAGO Project provided monthly updated data. After 2010 the project was stuck because of the Provincia di Perugia, for unknown reasons, decided not to disseminate the Trasimeno Lake data.
The aim of this project is to provide the results and data of Trasimeno area to more people as possible. Everything I did during the L.A.G.O. Project period is available for everybody for free, I hope since this moment everyone will work with the same philosophy avoiding each time to restart from the beginnig. If you want to contribute to this project just write me and the website will be updated accordingly.

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