Welcome to my website!

I collect here all my professional experience. I like to define myself as a freelance researcher since I have mostly worked on projects that I have written and developed. I got my master degree in electronic engineering in 2002. In 2004 I got my first project funded “Lake and Ground Observation (LAGO)” with a 2-year fellowship. In 2012 I got the Marie Curie IEF Fellowship (15% success rate) and in 2015 I got the AXA Research Fund Fellowship (7% success rate). At the same time I have collected a series of small grants for visiting positions, dissemination products, organization of training schools and I have co-managed larger budgets being Work Package leader of a FP7 Cooperation project and Management Committee member of two COST actions.

I´m researcher in remote sensing and atmospheric physics with specific focus on atmospheric extreme events (severe weather and volcanic eruptions) and applications of the GNSS Radio Occultation technique. The experience and the international network built in 15 years gave me the possibility to work and publish in different and multidisciplinary topics related to atmospheric sciences, climatology and meteorology. I´m the founder and main organizer of well established international training schools such as the “Convective and Volcanic Clouds (CVC) detection, monitoring and modeling” and the “(Geo)Science Communication School”.

I would like to help young (and less young) scientists to develop their career in the best way and to open discussions around research right issues coming out with some suggestion and possible solutions. If you like the idea and you would like to contribute to the discussion please visit my blog and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.